5 Facts About Christianity

Christianity is a relatively broad term that covers a variety of different beliefs and subsections of religions all relating to what a group of people believe is the one true God. Around eighty percent of Americans identify themselves as people who follow the Christian faith.

Each branch of Christianity varies in their denominations. Sometimes it can vary from individual person to person. However, each upholds the same core principles and beliefs. Here are a few facts that we would love to share with you about the Christian faith.

All Christians Are Monotheistic
Christianity is founded on the core belief that there is one God and that there should be no servitude to false gods before the Lord. This one God however is composed of three distinct beings. This is in relation to God the Father, Jesus Christ his only Son, and the Holy Spirit. Each of these three serve a distinct purpose within the Christian religion, getting a bit more specific within the different denominations. For example, in a Roman Catholic Church a red candle is lit on the altar to symbolize the presence of the Holy Spirit during mass.

Let There Be Light
According to the book of Genesis, or beginnings, God had been known to create the world within a seven day period. Well, he created the world in six days with a one day resting period. This seventh day, the Sabbath, also known as Sunday or the Lord’s day is used as a day of rest because of this.

Christians also believe that God created human beings in The Lord’s own image. They see human beings as His most prized creation during this original seven day period. The two humans he created during this time are Adam and Eve. They soon had sons named Cain and Abel.

Original Sin
Christianity believes that original sin was derived from the betrayal of Adam and Eve. Sin from this point and on is what separates mankind from God. Specified sections of Christianity believe that the birth of Jesus Christ and his resurrection forgives us from this original sin.

Christians believe that Jesus Christ was born from a virgin, was crucified, died, and rose from the dead three days later. This sacrifice from Jesus is what was believed to open the gates of heaven for those who have passed to enter.

The Holy Bible

The Bible is the Christian’s holy book. Although written by man, it’s said to be God’s inspired words and lives as a historical document to guide the living. At mass on every Sunday, sections of the Bible are read out to the participants in between hymns of faith.

Life After Death
Christians tend to believe in heaven and life after death in the kingdom of god. Heaven is thought to be a paradise reserved for those who believe in the Christian faith and repent their sins. Hell, on the other hand, is believed as a place of torment for those who have rejected God as an acceptable place for sinners.