Popular Kilkenny Restaurants

The medieval city of Kilkenny is located along the banks of the River Nore, which is still one of the more popular tourist attractions in Ireland. There are many Kilkenny restaurants of high quality for visitors and residents to select from. Here is a list of some of the best that Kilkenny has to offer. Also be sure to check out other top restaurants around Ireland.

1. Lautrecs Bistro 

Lautrec’s first opened their doors in 1987 and is renowned as a well-established dining venue, where it has managed to maintain a good reputation. Lautrecs provides an outstanding mixture of homegrown Irish recipes along with an array of international-elements to keep things fresh and exciting.

Perhaps the main drawcard to this eatery is their famous tapas bar, yet there are many other meal options on offer which include oven-roasted cod fillets or stone-baked pizzas. This is the ideal establishment to enjoy the outdoors on a sunny and warm day where you can enjoy your chosen meal with a traditional pint of Guinness while watching the locals going about their usual daily activities. If you have never visited Ireland before, this is definitely an Irish experience that you will remember for many years to come. The opening hours from Monday to Saturday are from 12.30 to 10 pm and on a Sunday from 12.30 to 9 pm.

2. Algarve Grill 

A well-deserved spot on the popular Kilkenny restaurants would be Algarve Grill which is a stunning restaurant that is mainly focused on traditional Portuguese cooking. All meals are served in a setting that is very laid back, reasonable prices along with highly accommodating and friendly staff that are, eager to please all their guests. Their Piri Piri chicken is one of the top favourites, along with their famous green-peppercorn steak. All meals are prepared in front of guests in an open, yet intimate kitchen. This venue is also well-known for its delicious Portuguese beer, that is both difficult to find in Ireland as well as very distinctive. Their homemade desserts are all utterly delectable as well as unique. This restaurant is open daily from 9 am to 9 pm.

3. Royal Spice 

Royal Spice is highly regarded as the very finest Indian Kilkenny restaurants the City has to offer. This venue opened in 2009 and has already managed to develop a great reputation when it comes to exceptional service and outstanding food of the highest quality. This establishment makes use of authentic Indian cooking techniques along with local and fresh Irish ingredients, Royal Spice has grown from strength-to-strength. Not too long ago the eatery has moved its premises to a bigger building in order to accommodate its constant flow of guests. Some of the stand out highlights on their diverse menu include the Royal Murg Masala and their House Spice Chicken, which are all served in a warm and friendly atmosphere that matches up to all type of occasions. This restaurant is open from 5 to 10 pm from Monday through to Saturday. On Sunday they are open from 12.30 to 10 pm.

4. Ristorante Rinuccini 

Named after a Florentine nobleman who was known as Papal Nuncio Giovanni Battista Rinuccini, this man once resided in Kilkenny in the 17th century. He was well-known for his passion for the arts and food. Ristorante Rinuccini is one of the family-run businesses which has become known as one of the institutions of this town. Exquisite Italian cuisine is always best complimented by their extensive range of white and red wines which are all directly imported from the Italian vineyards. It is not hard to see why this is one of Kilkenny restaurants that has become so beloved and popular which regularly attracts crowds of both tourists and locals. This eatery is open on a Monday through till Friday from 5 pm to 10 pm, on a Saturday from 12 to 3 pm and then from 5 to 10 pm and again on Sunday from 12 to 3 pm and then from 5 pm to 9 pm.

5. Anocht

Located in the Kilkenny Design Centre, this is a beautiful market where you are able to browse through and buy lovingly manufactured Irish crafts and fashion. You will also find the award-winning Anocht restaurant which is a Gaelic word which translates into tonight. Visiting this venue at the start of an evening while visiting Kilkenny would definitely be rated as time well spent. This is due to their varied menu, impeccable service, and an intimate setting. Many tourists enjoy visiting this establishment after a tour of the iconic Kilkenny Castle, located in walking distance from the Design Centre, which is one of the highlights to check-out when you visit this town. Anocht is recognized as a fine-dining venue and is open from Thursday through to Sunday from 6 pm until late.

6. Yindees Downtown 

Yindees offers patrons with truly dynamic tastes of Asia, combining a number of dining traditions which include Southern India, Vietnam, and Malaysia, while still maintaining a focus on the culinary venerated heritage of Thailand. Located at the entrance to the 4-star Kilkenny River Court Hotel, this restaurant definitely deserves a spot on the list of popular Kilkenny restaurants. This is the type of spot where you get to enjoy Thai green curries or crisp-roasted duck amidst an elegant and sophisticated setting. Yindees also offers a popular and vibrant cocktail-bar that offers guests the opportunity to relax and enjoy great company either after or before your meal. Yindees is open from Wednesday to Thursday from 5.30 to 9.30pm, on Fridays and Saturdays from 5.30 to 10 pm and on Sunday from 4.30pm to 9 pm.

7. Cullintra House 

Cullintra House is a venue that caters for exclusive dinner parties. All meals are prepared superbly from local and rich produce. Cullintra House is located in a 200-year old farmhouse, which is set amidst 230 acres of woodland and farm. This venue has been home to Patricia Cantlonâ€s family since the previous century. Patricia is a well-known and accomplished flower arranger, cook and artist. This eatery has featured in the prestigious Bridgestone 100 Best Places To Stay In Ireland, La Routard, the Good Hotel Guide, Frommers, Special Places to Stay along with many other guides.