The Importance of Occupational Health & Safety Training Ireland

Regardless of the size of your company, employees in all fields of industry face occupational dangers that can pose a threat to their health and safety alike. In some industry fields like the oil and mining industries, the hazards are more evident such as fires, explosions, exposure to toxic chemicals and even machinery breakdown. However, in other fields of business, the hazards may not be so obvious. Working in a restaurant or office may appear harmless, but food contamination, psychological stress, and poor ergonomics can also lead to health problems that hamper productivity. As such, it is important to provide health & safety training to staff members and update the knowledge on a regular basis.

It is imperative that you are able to protect both yourself and your staff from illness or injury in the workplace. By taking the necessary care required to safeguard the health and well-being of your workers, it not only makes them more inclined but motivated to concentrate on the interests of your organization. Your members of staff won’t just feel a lot safer but will feel valued and more confident with the training and knowledge that you give them. Other than being a legal requirement in Ireland, it makes sense to equip your workers with the knowledge, skills, and training in order to ascertain safety at the workplace.

So What is The Health & Safety Training Benefits? 

Your staff members influence the key aspects of health & safety through their own daily actions within the workplace. They are often the best people to comprehend and identify the potential risks within their working environment and that is why it is also essential to consult with them when conducting performance risk assessments and when looking to improve the working and safety conditions within the organization. There are professionals in the health & safety Ireland environment that can help provide courses that are designed to help with consultations, advice and even training the workers. Here are the main benefits of availing of these training courses.


Improvement of Employee Involvement & Safety 

A workplace where every employee is given a chance to play an active role in health and safety usually has fewer cases of accidents. Workers who feel valued and involved in decision making are excellent assets when it comes to high-performance within your organization. Providing your staff members with proper health & safety training courses shows that you take both their safety and wellbeing seriously.

This not only empowers but encourages the employees to create a safe working zone and safety culture at the workplace, which in return gives benefits like:

  • Making sure that health & safety protocols and controls are practical.
  • Assisting you spot health and safety risks within your organization.
  • Increasing commitment level from members of staff to create an environment that is safe and with low accident rates.

Minimise Absences 

Another excellent advantage of health & safety training in Ireland courses for your staff members is that they are less likely to take absences as a result of ill health or sickness. This can significantly help save your organization numerous costs that are related to lower productivity in the workplace.

Retain Loyal Team Members 

If you are able to reduce absences in the workplace due to work-related illness or accidents, then you will save the time and costs of recruiting and training new staff members. Not just that, but existing employees will feel valued and that you care about their health, safety, and overall well-being. This will make them feel happy and will less likely want to look for other job opportunities.

Save Money on Insurance and Legal Costs 

Work-related accidents can be very costly in regards to legal fees, fines, and compensation payouts. However, a well-trained workforce has a better comprehension of working safely in regards to not just their own safety, but those around them. As such, proper health and safety training at the workplace will significantly reduce the chances of an expensive incident or accident occurring.

Build a Strong Reputation

Ideal health & safety training programs can ideally help you create a positive reputation with both your employees, clients, and partners. Giving your staff members the right form of training shows that you care about your company and most importantly, your employees. This will reflect positively on your brand, not just helping by improving sales, but ideally in attracting high-quality talent to your team.

Health & Safety Training Ireland and e-Learning 

It is possible to conduct health and safety induction in-house, but the trainers will need some form of training to be able to efficiently and adequately do these vital duties. Most companies appoint a specialist in the field, but the trend towards e-learning or online learning is on the rise primarily due to its convenience and flexibility.

Most workers will not have time to go to classrooms for safety training and most feel that they know what to do when they incur an accident or how to evacuate a building on fire. As such, they will want to use the time they have on other things.

Well, health & safety online training does not constrain staff members in classrooms, but rather offers them the flexibility to take the essential courses online at their own pace and convenient time and even on the device that they prefer.

Health and safety training through the internet can be accessed any time. The courses can ideally be accessed offline through apps and assessments can ideally be done offline, when the internet is down. That means an employee is able to save their test results and have them synced with the management system when back online.

Lost labour hours, increases in premiums, and reduction in productivity can all occur due to neglecting occupational health & safety training. Compensation claims and litigations could easily arise as well. There is no denying that the first step towards ascertaining a safe workplace is through health and safety training. If you are yet to introduce it to your organization, it is high time you did.